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Passionate. Thorough. Daring. Adaptable. Action-oriented. TheVGI Design way of life.

Before you ask yourself, “Why VGI?”, ask yourself what you desire for your next project.

Successful business owners want performance and execution at the highest level, carried out by passionate experts who are as thorough as they are adaptable and action-oriented. That is why: Owners look to us for the most cost-effective design-solutions that help them reach their project goals. Our LEED Accredited Professionals and high-performance building specialists design sustainable facilities and systems that are integrated with the environment. Our engineered systems work hard for the funds Owners invest; this includes all project phases from pre-design to construction and occupancy.

We strive for the lowest possible changes in the field; a trust we take seriously. Architects look to us because we listen and provide engineered systems that are within budget, coordinated and delivered on time. We help make informed choices by providing options that compare effectiveness, maintenance expense, and operation cost. Our knowledge, experience and technical ability enables us to deploy innovative approaches achieve all project goals. Contractors look to us for documents that are clear, concise, coordinated and constructional. We begin every project with a detailed understanding of the project’s goals, scope, and budget. Documents are trade coordinated up front saving valuable field and administrative time while improving project velocity.

Owners, Architects and Contractors want a firm like VGI Design! VGI Design offers an uncompromising blend of passion, dedication, expertise, and daring for every project and every client. VGI Design is not afraid to be the firm you need – delivering precise, thorough work day in and day out, for every client, period. Learn about our history and about where we are going.

Meet our staff of professionals who take your project as seriously as you do.


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