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VGI Design prides itself on delivering unmatched industry adaptability; this ensures our clients the best performance and practices, based on evolving industry standards and technologies.


What is the primary cause of concern for business owners when discussing the costs of a new construction project?

One word: Energy.

Over the decades, the cost of supplying energy to just one structure has grown tremendously – and this trend will likely continue for the foreseeable future. Business owners today, more than ever, need to monitor, track, and control energy usage for their structures in order to cut costs and save as many operating funds as possible.

VGI Design, as a part of our dedication to daring, innovative, and adaptable approaches to engineering and design, can perform an in-depth and insightful energy analysis study on your current and future properties in order to determine how energy-efficient your operations are – and how they can be improved.

Our energy analysis will examine a wide variety of crucial factors, such as:
• The size, shape, and number of thermal zones
• Hourly energy consumption
• Peak and average loads borne by mechanical (HVAC) equipment
• Environmental effects on heating and cooling
• Potential energy conservation measures (ECMs)

We accomplish this analysis through a detail-oriented process that includes in-person observation, data collection analysis, site assessments, operational reviews, utility bill reviews, and implementation of cutting-edge tools and systems designed to accurately pinpoint your structure’s energy profile.

This analysis is then presented to you, complete with suggested energy conservation measures, capital investment opportunities, estimated savings from any potential changes, and a prioritized list of modifications and goals.

The end result? You will receive an impactful energy analysis that can help you save money and cut costs while conserving resources in the most efficient manner possible.

That is the VGI Design promise. We are as passionate about helping you save money as we are about helping you design your projects. That passion and daring shows with every reduced utility bill you receive.

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