Principal Designer responsible for complete design, documentation, specifications, testing & balancing and commissioning documentation. 

The project consists of the creation of an industrial heating and support space on the existing Harvester Works site located in East Moline IL.  The project also includes renovating the existing environmental heating system in buildings that are commonly referred to as “West Factory” and is approximately 2,000,000 square feet.

The new heating system for the West Factory is converted to low temperature hot water with a completely new hydronic distribution system, new air handling equipment to utilize the new energy source and to allow future cooling utilizing a two-pipe system.  Project involved designing 67 new 30,000-50,000 cfm air handling units, 7 miles of piping, building automation system, steam pressure reducing stations and other supporting equipment and systems.  New and innovative terminal air distribution diffusers were developed unique to this project using computational fluid dynamics techniques.

The new hot water and steam source is located in a new Energy Center, along with four new 175 psi steam boilers which will replace the steam generation capacity located in the existing cogeneration coal fired facility.  Four new hydronic 75,000 btuh boilers, 8000 gpm pumps, RO water treatment, and other supporting equipment and systems.





Conducted general building Energy and Building Automation audit on 56 Armories, motor vehicle and aviation facilities located around Iowa.  Audits closely followed the ASHRAE Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits.  Audits include consolidation of existing construction documentation, summarize utility data, site visit, executive summary, detailed breakdown of Energy Conservation Measures, calculations, solutions, return on investment and energy utilization index.  Created new armory design concept to be NetZero28, meaning net zero energy use for 28 of 30 days per month.



VGI provided engineering services for Centurion Poultry’s egg hatchery, which produces 43 million eggs per year.

VGI provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services, including detailed process and floor drainage, electrical service (with half of the facility on European voltages due to process equipment), VAV HVAC for office areas, an 8 MMBtu boiler design serving the entire facility, and a 1 MW generator for facility backup.