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How You Need It – On Time and On Budget

Part of a productive working environment is the plumbing apparatus that supports the everyday functions of the building – from wastewater transportation to process piping, food services plumbing, fuel transportation, water delivery, and more. For efficiency and precision in your plumbing infrastructure, VGI Design is there.

One of the most important – but most overlooked – parts of a building’s infrastructure is the plumbing network. Plumbing infrastructure is responsible for transporting and delivering vital fluids and substances to, from, and within your structure. Any failures in efficiency or reliability usually result in massive repair costs and dramatically-reduced productivity – two outcomes no business wants or can afford.

For that reason, VGI Design is dedicated to delivering reliable and cost-effective plumbing services that meet your unique needs and requirements. For restaurants, we deliver water to the kitchen; for manufacturing plants, we design piping for lubrication; for schools and homes and offices, we create systems to dispose of wastewater efficiently and responsibly. There is no limit to what we can deliver in terms of high-efficiency plumbing systems – systems that work as planned, each and every day.

Domestic Water, Heating and Distribution
Sanitary and Vent Systems
Plumbing Fixtures Function and Selection

Efficient Plumbing Systems and Process for your Facility