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Putting Your Building to Work

The environment in your building is crucial to your success. Create the environment you want – one under your control – and save money in the process through energy-efficient, industry best practices with the mechanical engineering expertise at VGI Design.

At VGI Design, we are passionately dedicated to creating the ideal working environment for your building, made possible by an expertly-created infrastructure and control system. From the latest in HVAC, temperature, and humidity control technology to insulation, ventilation, fire protection, and all the other crucial processes that go on behind and between your walls, we deliver proven results for maximum performance.

Your health, safety, and productivity are our primary concern – which is why we are the most thorough and precise mechanical engineers in the area today. We can deliver master-crafted systems for maximum efficiency to support all of your mission-critical processes, on time and on budget. And bring the innovative VGI Approach to every design and draft, all in an effort to deliver the ideal working environment for your structure.

LEFT - HVAC design for all Heating, Cooling, and Environmental Controls
Industrial Ventilation and Process Piping
Energy Modeling and Life Cycle Costing

Efficient, streamlined mechanical systems and processes for your facility.