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We Draw the Plans for Your Success

See your finished project in stunning detail – before even breaking ground.  Use this knowledge to plan and budget your project with unparalleled precision.  Save precious time and money and ensure the results you want – all through the drafting wizards at VGI Design.

Vision. Precision. Savings. This is an everyday reality for our clients.  We use state-of-the-art design tools to create thorough, accurate, and detailed visual representations of projects.  These remarkably intuitive depictions give our clients the ability to “see the future” of their projects – providing them with valuable information and allowing them to identify and implement desired adjustments early in the process, not later.

Our drafting services provide real, tangible value to a wide variety of clients, including manufacturers, facilities managers, corporations, and consultants – as well as a growing number of leading architects and engineering design companies that trust us to serve as their primary outside provider of top-notch drafting services.

Do you have a non-traditional drafting request?  Do you need an accurately-scaled drawing for CNC equipment from existing parts?  How about a custom illustration for an important presentation?  Or something completely “out of the box” and unique?

Whatever you need, our team of highly-experienced drafting experts will make it happen.

2D and 3D drafting and rendering
Architectural design for walls, doors, windows, dimensions, and other details
Manufacturing, Facilities and Product Development

Efficient Drafting and Detailing for your Project